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  2014-12-20 07:31:15

 Nagz Servano
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Careers in IT you should know

Computer technicians, Lecturers, Graphic designers, Network administrators, Programmers, Tech support representatives, Web designers - there's a huge selection of careers for an aspiring iT professional. But before jumping on any of these jobs, know that it's just the tip of the iceberg. With iT finding its way in almost every industry known to man, especially in business, new iT jobs will emerge to meet a company's demands. And while plenty of people compete over the more popular iT jobs, you can bet that organizations and corporations could use people who could fill positions below.. :run2: [size=4][b]Content-Oriented Business Analyst[/b][/size] Often, companies have so many data in their hands that sometimes, they either don't know what to do with it, or they don't know they have it. How do they solve this problem? They hire content-oriented business analysts who set the rules for creating, classifying and accessing unstructured data. This way, they avoid duplication of files and redundant work. [size=4][b]Vendor Management Expert[/b][/size] The vendor management expert is responsible for monitoring and managing vendors and outsourcing providers. He or She also links the vendor to the client and looks after the vendor's interest. [size=4][b]Business Process Analyst[/b][/size] Business process analysts act as mediators between the corporate guys and the Techies of an organization since they translate business requirements into specifications that the iT department can use. Therefore, to become an effective business analyst, one must not only be techie but should also be business-savvy. [size=4][b]Enterprise Project Manager[/b][/size] Working as an enterprise project manager is comparable to working on a baby thesis for most of your days. You will be defining the management methology applicable to a certain project and have your team implement such methology. Also, you will determine the scope of the project and review relevant business cases. [size=4][b]Business Architect[/b][/size] Thanks to modern innovations, there are loads of devices and systems for companies to help improve their operations and services. To ensure a company gets what it deserves,business architects study business processes to determine iT based solutions that can satisfy the companies needs. [size=4][b]iT Service Manager[/b][/size] As an it service manager, one should posses extensive knowledge in iT InfrastractureLibrary(ITIL) because the job involves overseeing iT service levels, and streamline iT operations with the use of iTiL. [size=4][b]Virtual Assistant[/b][/size] Virtual assistant communicate and deliver services to clients over the phone, through fax or online, by means of email, chat or online workspaces. VAs usually render administrative or clerical services, but in some cases, they also do work related to marketing, web design, creative services, tech support and legal assistance. [size=4][b]Information/Data Architect[/b][/size] A data architect works closely with the storage manager to maintain and refine the enterprise data model of a company. - :pee: There are still a lot of unexplored opportunities in the world of iT and with some research and reading; you're bound to run into them. Hopefully, all that effort eventually lands you a job that suits your preferences. [spoiler][i]Source:[/i] :thumbsup:[/spoiler]

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