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  2016-03-29 21:58:02

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Re: Citizenship Advancement Training / COCC

i experienced it once in HS, our first CAT day. a female officer - from a different school i think - was checking us as we stand then she saw a piece of my handkerchief laying at the back pocket of my pants. she pulled it out and squeezed my butt and made me run around the whole gym. that was the first and last time i did that CAT thing in my life. of course the attendance were needed, but I assured that I will make up at the last year, along with the others who didnt regularly attended the training. good thing i know the officers, they were my batchmates so i felt relieved. but im still traumatized. i know im being irrational but female CAT officers will always have a bad image to me :lol2:

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