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Real name Hatake Harvey
Rank FTalkAddict
Gender (Unknown)
Location Leaf
Birthday (Unknown)


Name : Hatake Harvey Age : clue 2 digit Birthday : Month/day /year zodiac:Scorpio Rank :genin From:leaf Teacher : sarutobi .kakashi Teamates : kheven and many to mention Alson known as: Harvey the great! :P Original skill : unidentified Hobby: reading books.. being late. watching t.v practicing Ninjutsu,Taijutsu ,Genjutsu ,Kinjutsu and also eating ramen! Background : son of hatake kakashi and Hanare :) Love Compatibility Test for Hatake H.: Result: Your results are in! You'll eventually fall in love with the female genin who has no special abilities. She is not very strong and is always a burden in fights. But she stands true to the one she loves which might be the only reason why you're attracted to her. Haruno Sakura Undependable genin of the Leaf, beautiful pink hair, your one true love : Haruno Sakura Rivals : - Uchiha Sasuke. She's crazy over him. It'll be hard to get her eyes off him for a while. - Uzumaki Naruto. He's crazy over her. But Sakura detests him so not much of a rival at the moment. - Rock Lee. He has a crush on Sakura too.

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cute dog u hav :)
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tot ?? :wave: mustah nah ??
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i hate you :snob::lol3:
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Thanks for voting ielle :D :thumbsup:
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