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Real name (Unknown)
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Gender Female
Location Bataan, PH
Birthday July 24th
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[size=4][b]Smile and the World smiles with You....[/b][/size] [imgview=]MY 1st picture.[/imgview] [imgview=]MY 2nd picture.[/imgview] [imgview=]MY 1st picture.[/imgview] [img][/img] I am Kathleen Cruz, and you can call me Kat. I知 from Bataan, Philippines I知 a happy person even though I have a cerebral palsy, yet I知 normal like even though I cannot walk and I cannot move my hands easily. But I know we can be friends. I have a cerebral palsy since birth. When my mother gave birth at 7th month of her pregnancy. I was lacking in oxygen and that痴 why I got a scar in my vein. My hobbies are surfing the net, drawing using my feet, watching TV, writing stories, poems, and talking to my friends. My dream is to become a writer someday, and to have my own book. I hope one day my dreams will granted.

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