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Real name ~Brigs~
BTW this is einstein
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Gender Male
Location Phil
Birthday December 24th 1997


..Loading 99%. Err.. *hissing* Finally,my dusty and dysfunctional brain begins working.It has been a long time since I've used this, oooh! I mean i have overly used this for several years now.Perhaps due to frequent abuse in memorizing formulas. *clears throat* ah.. eh..Hi people! humans! ..*pause* er.. My brain is being drained..AGAIN! .Ahh! *massage my forehead* I'am PerseusBS-1.tall,dark and wholesome! Loves reading manga,art and trolling with girls! kidding! totally Lazy!,Crazy and Weird!

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2013-09-01 11:25:23 Judas Knot Introduction
17 posts. Latest: 2013-09-13 by PerseusBS-1.
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happy birthday, briggs! :D
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Principe Azheef
Happy Birthday Perseus! Stay happy and active! :lol3:
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Khalil! :pet:
meoww!! no it's Saturday today! :lol2: :lol2:
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